Developing the Next Generation of Exponentialists


Exponentialist (n): A young person who exponentially elevates themselves and the world through entrepreneurship, thought leadership, or disruptive innovation.

We crafted the term “Exponentialist" to put a face on the unheralded heroes who create exponential success and transformative change in their lives and those around them. The Exponentialist is the hero every single one of our students can become. It’s the hero we can all become. No matter where we start, we can all be Exponentialists. And it’s not about where you start. It’s about the progress you make. It’s about where you go. It’s about how you go about it. Our students are the young people who will use disruptive entrepreneurship, thought leadership, and innovation to elevate their lives, lift communities out of poverty, and spread opportunity to those around them.


Who We Are

Project RISE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit led by college students at The University of Texas at Austin. Founded in 2016, we’re on a mission to develop Exponentialists in underserved communities around the world.


What We Do

We work with high school students, college students, local entrepreneurs, and other individuals who are passionate about entrepreneurship and are looking to be Exponentialists in their communities. Through our RISE Entrepreneurship Program and LAUNCH Incubator, we equip Exponentialists with entrepreneurial skills such as creative problem-solving, lateral thinking, and public speaking to elevate their vision for the future. We’re also constantly innovating and updating our programs to build a stronger community of Exponentialists. We look forward to adding a podcast, interactive labs, and much more to our programs in the near future!



RISE is a 10-12 week, after-school program that teaches students about entrepreneurship. Over the course of the program, our participants receive one-on-one mentorship, gain financial and technical skills, and develop a business model to transform their passions into viable business ventures. The RISE Entrepreneurship Program emphasizes experiential learning and culminates in a pitch competition where participants compete for funding.



The LAUNCH Incubator is where outstanding RISE students bring their business ideas to life. Designed to build upon RISE concepts, our incubator guides students who are passionate about entrepreneurship and dedicated to further developing their business. With one-on-one mentorship from entrepreneurs, customized curriculum, and hands-on learning opportunities, LAUNCH provides the support students need to build and expand their business and personal brand.



Our Project RISE team is hard at work improving current programs and creating for the future. We’re excited to be setting up a podcast to inspire a global community of like-minded Exponentialists. Our Project RISE Labs will add interactive learning opportunities to RISE and LAUNCH. And, we’re planning to expand internationally with a RISE Entrepreneurship Program in Colombia. This is just a taste of what we’ve been up to; stay tuned for more exciting developments!






Featured Exponentialists